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Manufacturing and maintenance of hard-wire communication equipment 

Dear Sirs!

OJSC Perm Telephone Plant “Telta” represents the biggest developer and manufacturer of hard-wire telephone devices and means of communication for any purposes. 

You can install and use our production in offices, flats, industrial plants, stationary and movable objects, interim premises and shelters, in field conditions, in railway conditions and where confidential talks are taking place.

Here is more detailed information concerning our production for your reference:

1. Card Phones

Communication systems using card phones united in one network have been successfully installed and used during a period of tens years. Such systems have a social character for allow hard-wire communicating to all segments of the people independent on their location and financial position. The main peculiarity and advantage of these systems is that the government is able to control and regulate call tariffing depending on location of the card phone because all information about performed communication sessions is kept in common control center.

Moreover such systems help to create new workplaces that are connected with their service and maintenance. 

Our company produces, sells and maintains full assortment of Card Equipment, that includes Common Center of Card Phones Control, Equipment for preventing illegal or unauthorized connection, telephone box for placing of phones and anti-vandal card phones TMGS-15280 (wired, GSM, CDMA, IP), which are to be installed in public areas for local, intercity and international communication.

Technical specialists of OJSC “Telta” are ready to install the equipment turnkey and perform the instruction for personnel.

2. Multifunctional devices   

Due to developing of technologies and means of communication world community is coming to digital video broadcast, which helps governments to provide constitutional rights of citizens for data accessing more qualitative and in increased volumes, and also allows informing selectively various individual classes.

Thereto our company is ready to organize the production, supply and install the whole tranceiving complex that can cover with digital video broadcast any needed area.

Digital STB`s (set-top-box) produced at “Telta” are supposed to receive DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C supporting MPEG2 and MPEG4. They allow receiving digital picture and sound of high quality. Conax systems usage and payments accomplishing are also possible on STB`s by using of bank card.

Multifunctional self-service payment terminal “Telta - Rapid” allows to arrange payment, sale the tickets, perform Internet access and IP- telephony.  

3. Equipment for registration and control of energy supply consumption

Equipment for registration and control of energy, water and gas consumption has shown itself to good advantage in our houses and flats long ago. OJSC “Telta“ organized the production of such equipment that is able not only to register the consumption: Energy (consumption), Cold water (consumption), Warm water (consumption ,temperature), Heating (GCal ,temperature), Gas (consumption)

- but also to indicate following : Water leakage (leakage sensor), Gas leakage ( gas trap), Fire alarm (smoke sensors), burglar alarm (various sensors).

Together with STB`s this equipment allows to integrate the “intelligent building” system. This system represents carefully planned autocontrol of engineering systems of your house, which gives you comfort and safety.

Tariffing part of these meters calculates and sends all information using following scheme: STB – provider of communication – Global Network (Internet, VPN) – Information System of resources (Gas, Water, Energy) and security services Supplier.

The “intelligent building” System is able to work without constant control by owner: You need once to set up necessary parameters and then the System will function by itself.

4. Special phones

- Phones of series “Nephrite”, “Selenite”, “Abonent” are used at the objects where confidential talks are taking place, have indispensable protection against interception and that is confirmed with appropriate certificates from defense and law enforcement agencies of Russian Federation.

5. Field phones and phones for movable objects

- Field phones TA-57,TA-88, “Mars-2”, “Mars-4” serve in interim premises and shelters in  outdoor conditions.

- Phones “AT-3031”, “P-171D” are supposed to be installed at various movable objects and work together with special ASC`s (automatic switching centers) and MTSS (manual telephone set systems)

6. Industrial phones

- Ship’s phones “TAS-M” have many modifications and can be installed at control posts and other spaces with public access. These phones are produced with additional protection and can be used in the most severe environments.

- Phones for control posts “TAP-2405”, “TAP-2406” are supposed for installation at different guarded objects to perform communications between control posts, can be used in tunnel as well.

- Mine telephones “TASH-1319”, “TASH-2305”, “TASH-3312” serve at objects with high danger degree, have high ignition-proof level.

7. Phones for common use.

Our company organized production of more than 50 models of multifunctional telephones for common use that fully meet modern requirements and provide high-quality and reliable operation. There are many models of various design and functional characteristics – wired and wireless, comfortable for any office and room.

We’ll be glad to see you among our customers!



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