Public telephone complex “Telta-T”


Public telephone complex “Telta-T” represents the technical solution that provides all services of public telephony, including non-cash payment for conversations and extended services.

The complex consists of following sub-systems:
- System of remote operating and control of card-phones;
- Protection system against unauthorized access to card-phone services;
- Card-phones;
- Means of non-cash payments.
Card-phone remote operating and control system (CROCS) – automated control system that includes hardware and software, ASC, phone equipment – provides automated control and operating of the system.
СProtection system against unauthorized access to card-phone services – the system includes hardware and software, ASC, phone equipment and authentication centers and forms closed sub-system for transferring and processing of information protecting it from distortion and decoding.
Card-phone is complete equipment for communication that includes a special device for calculating of payment. Means of non-cash payments are electronic prepayment cards (EPC).
Public telephone complex “Telta-T” meets all requirements of “Universal communication service” and “Universal payment system”. The complex “Telta-T” provides reporting about performed transactions to the control center of “Universal payment system”.

Card-phone remote operating and control system (CROCS) “Tech-center”

The CROCS “Tech-center” provides connection between control center and card-phones, receives alarm messages, statistical information and reports, transfers configurations to the card-phones, performs remote operating and control of card-phones TMGS-15280, card-phones of local network and protects from unauthorized access to the system. The “Tech-center” meets I class according to BS 45.170

The system consists of following sub-systems:

a) Information processing and control sub-system :
- work station of system administrator;
- work station of finance and statistics service;
- work station of technical service;
- alarm messages screen

b) Connection sub-system:
- outer communication server with modem pool
- server for information and configurations storage

c) Sub-system of information protection

For connection between system center and card phone are used special analogue channels. Control and operating of card-phones can be performed centrally, distantly and periodically. The number of lines that are used by system center is determined by channel capacity and volumes of information that must be transferred.


Universal card-phone TMGS-15280

Universal card-phone TMGS-15280 provides automated local, interurban and long-distance communication using with electronic prepay cards. The cabinet of the phone has anti-vandal protection and reliability rate meets all world standards.
Operating temperature is from -40 to 50 °С.
Supporting up to 5 SAM-modules by various producers.

Certificate : D-T-0369 17.06.2005, Russian Federation State Standard RU.C.33.002.A 9103

Card-phone TMGS-15280 (version 7)

Distinctive feature from universal card-phone TMGS-15280:

1) Enlarged memory for configurations, tariffing protocols, tariffs, cards to 64Kb;
2) Distant renewal of software;
3) Version 7 can process cards both with SAM-module and without this module;
4) Modem interchanging speed with CROCS is enlarged to 9600 bit/sec;
5) Lines from 48 to 60 V;
6) This version can work together with devices for protecting of line AZT-1, AZT-6.

Card-phones TMGS-15280-GSM,TMGS-15280-CDMA

Card-phones TMGS-15280 are compatible with GSM 900/1800, CDMA, IMT MC 450 and provide local, interurban and long-distance communication. The card-phone is supposed to be used in places where are no lines of wired phone network. TMGS-15280 can process “UPS” cards with SAM-module and send reports about performed transactions to the processing center “Telta-T”.
Operating temperature is from -25° С to +50°С.
The phone has anti-vandal protection and can be operated in condition of atmospheric precipitations.
Power supply is performed from secondary power source with voltage 12V.
Means of non-cash payments are electronic prepayment cards, cards with active authentication, universal common cards.
Free incoming call is possible.

Supports CROCS using digital channel (9600 bit/s):
- downloading of configurations and program parameters from CROCS;
- prompt signalizing to CROCS when emergency occurs;
- transferring of detailed reports about performed calls to CROCS (toll calls and free calls);
- transferring of information about transactions for cross-billing support to CROCS;
- sending SMS to CROCS straight ahead when a call is performed.
- upgrading of software can be performed distantly.
It can be chosen several various connection operators.


“AZT-6” represents a device for protecting of access to communication services and expects usage together with ASC to provide protection of automated lines from unauthorized access.
Power supply is performed from stationary battery. It has to be connected to ASC with supply source voltage equal to 60+12/-6 V or 48+4/-2 V, under supply bridge resistance 2 (500+-50)Ohm or 2 (400+-40)Ohm; under DC resistance no more than 900 Ohm and capacity up to 0,5 microfarad.
This device is mounted on the ASC cross, up to six card-phones can be connected.
“AZT-6” provides:
- control of automated line (AL);
- automated blocking of AL when unauthorized access is detected and sending emergency signal;
- recovery of connection after neutralization of blocking reasons.

TA-15370 (“Kremen”)

“TA-15370” has anti-vandal protection, provides local, interurban and long-distance communication and range of additional services while operating both in intelligent and common networks. This phone has three modifications:
ТА-15370 – original model (using decade and multifrequency code);
ТА-15370-10 – dialing using only multifrequency code;
ТА-15370-20 – with LCD and programmed functions;

Operating temperature is from -40 to +45 °С

   AGT-69 KM

Token public phone with button dialer has increased mechanical solidity and uses decade code while dialing.


Public phone with keypad using electronic pre-pay cards: dialing in decade and multifrequency code, with built-in display, power supply from ACS, operating temperature from -40 to +50 °С.

Tariff intervals measuring device “UPDTI”

“UPDTI” measures duration of tariff intervals. This device uses TEP-cards and plastic CHIP-cards. “UPDTI” can be used both in enclosed areas and outdoor under following conditions: temperature from -10 to +45°С, air humidity up to 95% under +25°С


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